Sunday, 7 February 2010

Dewsbury 10k

A short travel to Dewsbury today and a perfect early starter(9-00am). With no signs of a recent cold I was up for it and mentally 'pencilled in' a sub 35 minutes for today. Early starters are perfect for me; I can get my race done, get home and avoid any family conflict. Lining up at the start never tells you how you are going to do in the race and sometimes I've felt great and run bad, other times I've felt bad and run great.

I wasn't sure whether to go for the comfort of the Ascics 1140's for the run or the lighter Brooks racer's. The Ascics 1140's feel like a pair of comfy slippers when they are new and the Brooks are lighter but the comfort is compensated with a much thinner and harder sole. I am certain it's all in the mind but the thought of running in an 'heavy' shoe could be all that's needed to put you off.

I noticed that the start of the race was brought further forward down the hill from last year, so presumably the turn round point was further away too. I think this was a plan to gain a little for those chasing those miliseconds off for a PB. Among the line up at the front was Andrew Pearson(Longwood), Mark Buckingham(Holmfirth), Mike Burrett(Leeds), Gary Dunn(Thirsk and Sowerby) and John Convery(Bingley Harriers).

My race plan was to stay within site of another V45, Duncan Clark(Abbey Runners), and close the distance on him(if my fitness allowed) for the return 5k. I had no chance of a top prize today- with John Convery in the line up, a second or third place was the only option for me. A near disaster at the start when my chip timer came loose and was held on by one tie. Not wanting to run with a wobbly chip timer, I quickly pulled the whole thing off and held onto it for the whole race. luckily my time still registered on the mat and I bent down with the chip timer at the end to make sure(see you tube video)

I finished the race fourth V45, with a time of 35-20, which I think is a similar time to last year. I hope to be much fitter for the Wakefield and Rothwell 10k's in which I can challenge the sub 35 again.