Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ryedale 10 Mile - Some more improvement.

I decided to make the trip to Old Malton today to do the Ryedale 10 Mile Road Race. This seemed like an ideal training race for the up and coming Brid Half and Thirsk 10 Mile in October and November. I wanted to test myself over 10 miles and treat this like a time trial. I am pleased with the way the training as been going to date. Thrashing out a few 17 minute 5k's on the treadmill. This race seemed ideal to test it out.

This was a small but well organised event with plenty of volunteers willing to help out with the marshalling etc. I did feel this was one of these races for charity so I had no regret in handing over the cash to enter.

I only recognised a few runners in the line up at the start, so I had to use the tactic of setting off steady and seeing if anybody could match the pace. Or even if I could match their pace.

When the race started a chap from Beverley AC set off fast, and because I didn't know him I wasn't sure whether this was to win a bet at the pub or he was a seasoned runner. It turned out that he had a sub 56 PB for 10 mile. Nobody else seemed to challenge us and my plan of just 'sticking' to him and hoping I have the fitness left to run for 'home' seemed the best option. I felt good even to the 8 mile point. Now the thoughts of winning the race and the mental imagery of collecting the winners prize at the end was dulling the pain. I kept surging with the pace, only in the hope that he would then give up the chase and let me win. With 1k to go I gave everything and went for the finish. This was too early and I think the chap sensed that I was beginning to labour. He then overtook me on a downhill section to the finish. I checked my Garmin and the pace was then 4-50/ mile. At the finish he had a lead of approximately 15 seconds. However, I was still happy in the knowledge that I gave everything and this had the result of producing a recent PB.