Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ribble 10k - Last chance to climb the rankings in 2009

After last weeks hilly 6 miler at Denby Dale I was up for trying to better the rankings for M45, 10k (2009). It seems like everybody had the same idea to go to Clitheroe. The bad weather and long journey seemed to put no one off. It's about 1 hour 20 minutes drive from Wakefield to Clitheroe and I set off in good time - mainly in the hope of getting a good parking spot. I would say the course is certainly a PB course - with only some slight inclines.

During the last few weeks I have not been doing much running wise, relying on one race per week to try keep the strength and speed there. Using the treadmill at the gym has been an option to avoid the slippery pavements. I have managed a few 5k workouts on them, trying to do them at around 18 minutes. Other runners seem to swear by using the treadmill and I've read about some killer sessions on them. I hold the view that it's a bit like a boxer punching a punchbag and expecting to win a boxing match; better than doing nothing and OK for training when mixed with other sessions and part of a structured plan. But surely if the road moved instead of the runner in a race it would make for easier running and better times.

My running plan this year will be much the same as last year; which is to try to improve and seek out the most useful sessions. Also to try and climb up the rankings and do the best that I can and most importantly not to overcook it and avoid injury.

Best performances of 2009: Rothwell 10k - 34-29, Esholt 5K - 16-32, Liversedge Half Marathon(Hilly) 79-41, South Leeds 5 mile - 29-13, Norton 9 Mile -52-28.

2009 V45 10k ranking 130th(from September)

A very Happy New Year and all the best for 2010 to all runners, bloggers, followers etc.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Regular Speedwork?

This is now the second Thursday on the trot and tonights session was; 7 x 800 meters with 90 seconds recovery. With the absence of Andy Pearson, there was no need to blast off like a rocket, and all the reps were done at a fast but even pace; 2:34 to 2:37. I tried to match the pace of Kevin(Ogden) and Keith(Magee) on all of the reps. There was a gap between me and Kevin, but not much, and this will gauge my fitness in the coming weeks.

I will be doing the Denby Dale pie eaters six mile race on the 20th December. This will be a low key race and mainly for the nosh up afterwards than the run. Then it is the Ribble Valley 10k, where I will be gunning for a sub 35 minute 10k.