Sunday, 20 February 2011

Short fitness and training update.

I can't quite believe another month has passed since my last blog update.

On the fitness front I've not yet got into serious training. Using races as really hard tempo runs has helped maintain a reasonable level of fitness.

Dipping just under 36 minutes at the Dewsbury 10k was acceptable to me given the interruptions to training(snow and ice).

The Liversedge Half Marathon last Sunday proved tough and I needed a few days a slow running to fully recover. A time of 1-21-41 was enough to win first V45 prize there, and considering it's only just over a minute slower than my time at the Brass Monkey is a confidence boost.

I intend to try do another half marathon in March . I do consider the half marathon perfect for over distance 10k and 10 mile training, although I think you need to be actually training for a marathon to run them well and competitively. By that I mean training over distance with some long stuff(17-22 milers). There is also some flat local 10ks coming up Rothwell and Wakefield which I should be thinking about entering. So there no hint of retirement just yet!