Thursday, 29 October 2009

Injury Woe And Race Pull-Out

This Knee injury still hasn't settled down, as a precautionary measure I have decided to give this Sundays Guy Fawkes race a miss. I think it's the first pre-entered race that I have ever missed and it hurts not to take part. I was looking forward to jogging along side Andy Pearson this year.
On instructions from the physio I am still doing loads of gym work, cross trainer and stretching I think I will be OK for the Abbey Dash.
If anybody want's a number for Sunday's race there is a form that they allow you to transfer over. I am not sure if it's too late to do it. Please e-mail if anybodys interested.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Battle Plan Re-starts

Having not raced since the Horsforth 10k I am ever eager to do battle again. A trip to the physio two weeks ago finally convinced me to lay off the running totally for a few weeks and to work on core strength and balance. I'd not heard of this before and I truthfully thought improving your running was just about progressively running harder and harder each session, with adequate rest inbetween. Long runs for stamina, hills for strength and track for speed. A soft tissue knee injury was really telling me something was wrong and I needed to sort it. The orthotics I had fitted seemed to work a bit but didn't cure the problem altogether, and a mix of core strength, balance and flexiblitity excercises needed to be done aswell. I have joined the local Total Fitness Gym and I am trying to build strength all round

I have pre-entered the Guy fawkes 10 mile and may run this as a tempo run. I have also entered the Abbey Dash, which will give me a few weeks prep time.