Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dewsbury 10k

It's February 1st tommorow and the Dewsbury 10k has come round. I was rather hoping for it to be mild weather, but no such luck. The weather forcast for tommorow has given out snow showers with a cold wind. As the race starts early(9am) we might escape the worst.

My training's been going ok, and I did a reasonably paced 11 miler last Sunday(25th) average pace 6-41 per mile, with steady runs of about 8 miles, Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday a rest on Thursday, slow run on Friday and a gym work out today.

I have not raced since the Ribble Valley 10k so it would be difficult to predict a time for me. I would be delighted if I got to the lower end of 34 minutes tommorow.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Training Update

Did a 14 miler yesterday(Sunday 18th), with an average pace of 6-52 per mile. I need to up the pace a little, I am struggling to get the pace down to 6-30 per mile for 14 miles.

With the Garmin 305 it works out your average pace per mile at the end of the run. Sub 7 mins doesn't sound fast but on a undulating course - it's not bad.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year...Some changes and new focus

It's back to the drawing board again - in the hope that some improvements can be made.

Looking back on 2008, for me it as been a case of stagnation in the running department. Sometimes it's difficult for me to get my head round this running, I don't know many things that when you do more it can produce less! However, I think I have got the balance better this year ie with the family and kids, work and other things. I have just stuck to early Sunday morning racing(where possible), and then still been able to have some part of the day with the wife and kids. Running to work and back means it's been easier to fit in the running and still have time for other things.

This year I am once again not going to do a marathon. I don't think you can get away with 40-50 miles per week and expect to do a reasonable time in the marathon. I did London in 2001(2hr 41 mins) and 2002(2hr 49 mins), and suffered terribly in the latter stages of the race. When I think of the time I had put in to do that, I do not think I can balance it again, and I don't think I am a good life juggler!! I like running but I don't want to become a slave to it.

My plan this year is to build strength and endurance in the winter and early spring, and then introduce some faster work mid to late spring and early summer. This phase will consist of endurance work and strength work at the gym in winter, followed by some track work and track races in the spring and summer. I have got to admit I was running my best races(half marathons, 10miles and 10k's) whilst training for the marathon, so it is going to be difficult to try to achieve similar results this year.