Sunday, 22 February 2009

Orthotics And Pronation Problems

Having had a slight niggle in my right knee for some time now, it has finely dawned on me that this was an worse injury in the making. After several visits to the physio with no luck and several pounds lighter(GB pounds that is). It was off to the the bio-mechanics specialist for an gait assesment. There is a local specialist in nearby Wakefield who specialises in running injuries and the like. Having spent the first few visits just talking about the mechanics of running and how certain injuries can develop and progress-I did initially feel that I was wasting my money.

The problem is my left leg is slightly shorter than my right leg, thus striking the ground first, leading to extra pressure and forces on my right leg and knee. Oddly, (something I have just learnt), we are all asymetrical(not having equal sides). The body can compensate for this and usually it isn't a problem, but when your running a large amount of miles it can create stresses which can lead to injuries.

Pronation is the natural inward rotation of the foot to prevent injuries to the ankle and other joints further up to the legs and even the back. In my case pronation is too excessive and if it is not controlled may lead to other injuries. He thinks this may be partly responsible for the slight knee pain. You can get shoes which control motion(motion control shoes), but these are not precise and will not always work to control the pronation, because eventually the muscles which are controlling pronation will overtake.

A cast was taken of both feet and I was to call back two weeks later for the finished othotics. These are made of hard plastic type material, with a softer rubber type covering them. I will keep you informed of the results in due course.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Liversedge - Hilly Half Marathon

I decided to test out the recent strength training on the Liversedge Half Marathon today. With numbers restricted to 400 I felt smug that I'd entered in good time. The weather was near perfect for me, as I am just about fed up of racing and training in cold conditions -this felt like mid summer by comparison.

Gathered at the start there seemed to be lacking some quality runners up front and I thought I was in for a shot if the race went my way.

When the race started I held back on my pace, because 13 miles is long enough for the pace to even out and I thought my strength would help in the latter miles of the race. I did note that one runner from Ackworth (I think), set off in what can only be described as suicidal pace. He was quickly 'reeled in' after only about 2 miles. I managed to catch the leading pack at 5 miles and managed to run behind the lead car for quite a few miles after that. Then there were 3 of us in the pack, Andrew Guisley(Dewsbury), David Allinson(unattached) and myself. I felt strong on the hills but began to 'brake' on the downhills - which slowed down my pace somewhat. I managed to hold on to second place until the 12 mile point, when the 2 Andrews from Dewsbury, Andrew Guisley and Andrew Cottier began to overtake. My legs felt like jelly at this point and there was nothing left for that extra push to the finish. I finished forth overall with a time of
1-19-41, which averaged out at 6-02 per mile. So with a £25 S.M.K voucher, 2 Edinburgh crystall glasses and a long sleeve T shirt I was happy with the outcome.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Dewsbury 10k - Post Race Report

After over a month off from racing it was time to do the local Dewsbury 10k. With a field of quality runners, a top 30 place was a reasonable position. I managed to achieve 3rd vet 40 today, which I am happy about.

I have come to the conclusion(not just today), that I need some quality speed work if I am to improve my racing pace. When the weather gets better(probably about July!!) I intend to visit a local grass track, which is only about a mile from the rear of my house. I will also try and get back my thursday night 'slot' for a visit down to Spen AC and thrash out some 400's and 800's.

To any Blog followers that are interested my split times for todays race are, 1st mile - 5 mins 24 secs, 2nd mile -5-36, 3rd mile - 5-45, 4th mile - 5-38, 5th mile - 5-44, 6th mile - 5-38. best pace was 4-03 per mile.