Saturday, 26 June 2010

A long run with a difference

Today four of us decided to do the 3 peaks challenge at Horton in Ribblesdale.

We had decided beforehand to run as much of the route as possible whilst avoiding running the really rocky bits and severe inclines. We arrived in good time and managed a pot of coffee and Flapjack before clocking in. There seemed to be masses of people there and I think it was something to do with Macmillan Cancer Care. We all did the run in just under seven hours, which considering we stopped for lunch and picture taking it wasn't too bad.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Reindeer Romp Trail Race

Last night me and a few other Spen runners did this short trail race(2.7 miles). It was kind of a friendly race run from the Reindeer pub(Middlestown). It was a surprise to receive large plates of chips at the end and loaves of bread so you can make your own chip butties. Much tastier than a T shirt I would say!

My race tactic of steadily easing into it and then increasing the pace later was totally wrong. These were narrow paths and woodland where there was no place to overtake. The race also started on a downhill section allowing loads of runners to start at great speed. However, I was pleased with the experience and workout.

My next race may be the Eccup 10 mile - will wait and see.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Another build up phase needed.

It feels like an age since my last race which was the Esholt 5k on the 19th May. June has been a busy month for me, what with family holidays and the like, so I haven't had much chance to put in many miles. I have put in some 2 hour bike rides just to keep up some fitness.

It's the annual Joe Percy 10k tonight night at Farnley Tyas(near Huddersfield). It's certainly too short notice to get into any sort of shape for that. This race requires teams of 10 and for our club it will be a difficult task getting 10 of us together. I will just turn up and rely on the reaction taking over. Maybe a race is what I need to make me train hard again.