Monday, 25 January 2010

Brass Monkey Half Marathon

Having missed the deadline for this years event once again, I was resigned to the fact of not running it again this year. I unexpectedly received a text with an offer of a number only last Tuesday. I had heard that non runners were not allowed to transfer numbers to other runners. To clarify this, I e-mailed the race secretary at York and they sent me instructions on the legal way to do it. So I then arranged for a special next day delivery of the entry form and transfer details to York and I was in the race. I wasn't planning to do the run so the training as been on and off and I can't really complain about my time because I've hardly done any quality training.

During the first few miles the pace was comfortable and I felt reasonably ok. It wasn't until the 10 mile mark that the legs 'gave up' . I reached 3 miles in 17-10, 6 miles in 34-40, 10 miles in 58-30, then the last 3 miles were a drag and I could only manage 6-20/mile. This is a real consequence of not doing the long runs and the over distance work. Early in the race I had my sights on another V45, Duncan Clark, who dropped off from the chasing group at five miles. The distance on him was closing, but started to open up again as my legs started to give way. Team mate and fellow Spen runner Kevin Ogden had a good run and finished in 1-15-10, which should help towards his spring marathon campaign.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Charge of the Resolutionists.

I thought this year was going to be different, there were no signs of the masses of people that usually follow the over excesses of Christmas and the New Year. How wrong was I? The weather just held them back for a short time. You now need to be faster at getting to the treadmill than on it! If your a man who wants to work your bum, tum or thighs you have to wait in the queue behind several ladies(complete with copies of Womans Own). Also the men just seem to be interested in training their arms, chest or shoulders with little regard for anything else. I don't suppose we can complain because these people must keep the gyms going; usually paying upfront and hardly any wear and tear on the equipment.

I am lucky that I am a member of a very large gym with about 30 treadmills, loads of rowers, steppers and cross trainers. I managed to do a threshold session on the treadmill on Tuesday; 5k in 17-50 plus 6 x 500 meters at 20kph pace.