Sunday, 30 August 2009

Next Race: V45

I will be heading off to the Costa Brava for a weeks warm weather training and carbo loading(family holiday). I don't feel so burnt out with racing, so I plan to do a few steady early morning runs, with some swimming and gym work.

I won't be doing any races before the 8th September(or after) -when I will be 45.
I will be hoping that the V45 rankings will be much kinder to me than the V40 rankings were. With runners like Carl Thackery and John Convery as V45's there will be no easy pickings. I will have to try as hard as ever to improve on my times.

I have entered the Horsforth 10k and Guy Faukes 10 mile.

Hope to update soon.

Buenas Noches.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Last Wednesdays Vets Meeting: 4 PBs In one Night!

As a change from the regular Thursday nights speed work I decided to do some veteran track races at the new stadium at South Leeds on Wednesday night.

I started off with an 800 meters and staggered over the line in 2 mins 22 seconds. I found this the hardest race of them all and it seemed to take most out of me physically. Two laps of the track doesn't seem to be a lot, but on the last lap I was in sheer agony with legs of lead and absolutely nothing left in the tank. It was a lesson learned that I set off far too fast in this race. Ten minutes later, I was on the line again for the 100 meters and came home third in this. I didn't manage to record a time for this one and I certainly wasn't laughing and talking most of the way. Another ten minutes later it was time for the 3000 meters and I timed this at 10 minutes 16 seconds and managed to win this race fairly comfortably, which did make me realise that the longer distance events suited me most. Soon after this the last race was the 1500 meters, and having been paced stride for stride with another vet runner for the first 2 and half laps, I seemed to have plenty left to out sprint this chap and came home in 4 mins 44 seconds. As I have not raced any of these distances before this will be 4 new pbs for me. a usefull lesson in speed...... and pace judgement.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tonights Training: 10 x 400m

With only 3 of us down the club tonight for speed work I decided to just race against the clock. I set myself to do each lap in 70 seconds with 1 minute recovery. The first one was done in 72 seconds, which I was happy with because I felt rather tight at first -having raced a 5k on the same track on Sunday. The others were done in roughley 70 seconds. The last one was done in just 69 seconds, thanks to John Gallagher who I needed to chase right to the line to complete the session.

Racing wise I may do the Askern 10 mile on Sunday just for a 10 mile tempo run. I have not pre-entered this one so will not qualify for the Yorkshire Champs or any prizes. I not sure yet and may do a long run instead.