Sunday, 26 July 2009

Harrogate: Still Hilly 10k

There seemed to be a large turnout for this Sundays Harrogate 10k. I had heard that the painfull hill had been taken out(not literally), but the course was re-routed and still left as a two lapper. I knew there was going to be hills because the start is like the bottom of a basin and must at some point rise. There was quite a long section of downhill towards the latter part of the first and second lap. I felt sluggish today and knew as soon as I set off that the time was not going to be too good. I have not seen the results but recognised some fast lads at the front as: Andrew Pearson, Stephen Hepples, Darren Bilton, Mike Burrett and Tim Midgely. I did here last night that Ian Fisher was running but didn't see him at the race. Stephen Hepples seems to be back to top form, forcing Andrew Pearson into second place, with Darren Bilton taking third spot. I finished in 35-44 and 22nd overall(I think). Running friend Kevin Erskine(Tadcaster) seemed to have a storming run and must have finished in just over 34 minutes.

I will be doing a 5k track race next Sunday, with plans to do the Askern 10 mile on the 9th August. Must get my entry in for the Guy Faukes 10 mile. I used to enter on the day for this one but missed out last year as it filled up before race day.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Thursday nights training: 5k in 15:30?

Now that i've got your attention. Lasts nights training was a 5 x 1000m track session, with each rep done in 3:15. Admittedly there was a 1:30 mins recovery inbetween reps and I am working on shortening that. I can now feel some fitness is comeing back because I am more eager to get set up for the next rep than I was before. The idea of shortening this to 3 mins per rep by the end of the summer - may prove harder than I first thought.

I have entered the Harrogate 10k on Sunday and will now ease down until then. I did do a steady 6 miler today just to keep the 'legs ticking' over until race day.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Eccup 10 Mile - No Pain - Just Gain

Today was the Eccup 10 mile road race. For a change the run was on a day that was not boiling hot. There was a welcome cool breeze today.

As of late the training as just been steady away with no really intense sessions, only the Thursday nights track workout is moderately painful. I do feel I 'stole' the V40 prize today because my philosophy is you only get rewards for hard work and I do not know of any other sport that requires so much hard work to achieve results as running. Lazy training should not be rewarded - but there you go - funny old sport this running!

With the absense of any Fishers, Biltons or Dunns I was sure I could stay within reasonable sight of the leaders for a good few miles at least. My team mate and training partner from Spen, Kevin Ogden, pulled out late on with a back injury, so the plan of running with him was out of the window. I eventually came in 5th in 1Hr and 7 Seconds, helped by one of the leaders Tim Midgeley, either getting lost or pulling out very late. From memory I think this was some 40 seconds faster than last year.

I have plans to do the Harrogate 10k or Pudsey 10k in July.