Monday, 28 March 2011

Thirsk 10 - Maybe a lesson in pace judgement?

It was a drive up to Thirsk Sunday for the rescheduled 10 mile road race. Perfect weather conditions also provided a useful wife and kids picnic opportunity. We set off in good time and arrived in Thirsk about an hour before. A quick jog to the well organised entry desk and I was all 'numbered up' in no time.

Thirsk race course provides a perfect venue for the race - with ample car parking, toilet facilities, refreshments and off road areas for warming up. Perhaps the only thing missing would be shower facilities, which I find are most useful when you are spending time after the race shopping and sight see-ing etc.

A quarter mile jog to the start was a useful pre-race warmer. In the line up were a mix of runners, some preparing for Spring marathons, some recovering from injury and others who are just very friendly and seem to be at every race that I do. I noticed Andrew Pearson from Longwood Harriers in the line up along with Spen team mate Kevin Ogden, local runner Gary Dunn, Sarah Jarvis(Bingley), Marc Teasy(Bingley)Marc Hall(Otley), Martin Firth(Queensbury), John Broom(Barnsley), Tim Midgely(Bingley), Mike Burrett(Leeds) and Will Kerr(St Bedes).

The race started steady and even Andrew Pearson didn't bolt off. This allowed for a fair size group to form. Those that I recognized in the group were, Kevin Ogden, Gary Dunn and Marc Hall. After approximately one mile Andrew Pearson opened a gap with Mike Burrett giving chase. I was aware of Gary's injury and wasn't sure whether this was an 'ankle tester' or a serious race for him. Either way I was happy with the pace at that point. Team mate Kevin was slightly in front and we were gaining ground on him. Marc Hall was slightly in front of him and not gaining on us. The group were holding together at 5-25 mileing and I was quite surprised then how easy it felt. I think it was at about the five mile point that the group split up and I was running alongside Kevin after that. The early fast pace was now beginning to tell and after getting to the five mile point in 27-51 the legs were hurting. We then caught up and passed Tim Midgely from Bingley who tore off his number, probably after realising it was an off day and runners were passing him in droves. I think the race turn round point was about 7 miles and that's where Kevin gained the advantage and I didn't have the legs to respond. Closer to the finish Will Kerr charged passed me and I got to the finish in 57-27 - identical time to 2008. A bright T shirt, small trophy and £25 cash. Then a picnic nosh up, a walk round Thirsk town center and a drive up to Ripon. All in all a good day out.

Mile splits; 1= 5-24, 2 = 5-31, 3 = 5-34, 4 = 5-40, 5 = 5-41, 6 = 5-47, 7 = 5-50, 8 = 5-53, 9 = 5-57, 10 = 5-57.

Well done to the wheelchair athletes too.


Terry Lonergan said...

I think every race teaches us something, whether positive or neagative. You are correct about initial pace: after 5 miles you were operating at 34.30 10K pace.
Faster than your Dewsbury 10K I think. A tad fast but
on the positive side you persevered
and didn't slip over 6 minute pace.
Perhaps a review of training in 2011 necessary? How many runs over 10 miles. How many sessions of mile reps, 2 x 2miles, 3 or 4 mile tempo runs designed to give you the strength to maintain that speed which you obviously have over 10 miles and half marathon.
Certainly looks like a goood 10K to be run though soon. Salford 10K
on good Friday? Well done,
Just a thought, Terry

Gary Dunn said...

At the end of the day it's a race not a time trial, and if you want to beat your rivals then you have to take chances which is exactly what you did. You even made me switch into what the hell race mode when you came sailing past. Good to see you after the race and keep making life hard for them rivals of yours.

Antony Bradford said...

Thanks for reading and the comment Terry. I think that was the problem - it was 10k pace for me and maybe I forgot it was 10 miles. There is always positives from a race in that it is the hardest session that you do(or should be) and you can take the training benefits to the next race. It will be Wakefield 10k on Sunday and I will set off at 5k pace(only joking!). I am planning to review my training in 2011 as you suggest. I May have to miss the Salford 10k because of work commitments but I have booked to do Rothwell which is fairly flat.

Gary - Maybe the thoughts of getting on your rival list made me sail past. Anyway you must be pleased with your run considering the injury and reduced training. I will take your advice and show no mercy to my rivals. I will find the switch for hell race mode and they will be sorry.

Old Runningfox. said...

I saw that number lying on the grass just past Busby Stoop and wondered whose it was. I know now!

Simon Anderson said...

That's a cracking result after the Brass Monkey. I saw you suffering and was reassured that it wasn't just me who was spent! You've obviously been doing some hard work to turn it around.

The last time I saw TM in a 10m he was turning his vest inside out. Tearing a number off is far more efficient, but I strongly disapprove of the litter.

Antony Bradford said...

Cheers Gordon, well done on your run and category win.

Thanks Simon. The Brass Monkey was very painful, especially seeing the Otley vest fly past at the end!