Thursday, 5 May 2011

Race for fitness.

A week on the Isle of White seemed like a good idea - with a planned mix of family pursuits and training. I'd set off with the intention of an active rest and recovery break - sometimes called the family holiday! The Rothwell 10k was entered on the Bank Holiday Monday and something had to be done to stop the fitness decline. I have to admit to catching the lazy bug and only ended doing a few short morning runs. This meant that the Rothwell 10k produced a below par performance (36-41) and nowhere near the V45 prizes.

The next race was the first of a series of 3 x 5k races run on following Wednesdays from the village of Esholt, with the first one on the 4th May. Surprisingly, I felt better at the start of this race than the Rothwell one and very nearly managed a sub 17 minutes. This was helped by a hard fought tussle for the finish with Wetherby runner Rob Grey. The time was 17 minutes and this will hopefully provide a guide to any improvements of fitness after the next 2 races.

On Sunday it's the Leeds Half Marathon and I will using this to build fitness and to gain race stamina for a mid summer key race - possibly Eccup 10 mile.


Runningbear said...

Sounds like you're getting back in the groove again AB, saw Rob on Thursday and he gave me a great account on what a good race you gave him, awesome after running Rothwell so recently. Keep up the hard work, you're inspiring me to grit my teeth through all these tough short races!

Antony Bradford said...

Cheers RB. It was a close call with Rob. Hope you've recovered from the marathon ready to do some short tough stuff.

Michael Dransfield said...

Maybe you picked up some tropical disease in the IOW. Better get yourself checked out.

Antony Bradford said...

No Micheal I will be back down on the track soon tropical disease or not.