Thursday, 1 September 2011

End of summer, another birthday, and a new running campaign

Sorry that it has been a long time since my last post. Over the summer we welcomed another baby boy into the family - making 3 altogether(2 boys and one girl). Although this is a fairly short term fostering arrangement the commitment is identical to your own children and therefore time was limited to go out running.

For me another birthday is coming and next Thursday I will be 47. This will put me virtually mid point between V45 and V50 - race wise it is a difficult place to be. I've noticed lately that a lot of races don't have a V45 category and so just have V40 and V50 etc. This can be somewhat awkward when you have to compete with a 'young' just turned 40 year old.

Over the summer I have continued to train at a lower intensity, doing the occasional short road or trail race. Also cycling and walking to maintain some sort of reasonable fitness base. The last week I have stepped up the mileage to about 40 miles a week, with a long run of about 17 on Sunday.

It has helped reading the blogs from other runners and the problems they have. I don't mean that in a nasty sort of way. It's just sort of soothing to know that this is a difficult sport for everybody and therefore this stops me wasting time moaning or grumbling.

My next race maybe mid September for a 10k.



Runningbear said...

Welcome back! Congrats on your new addition the family..have you got him running yet?!

Hope to see you on the racing scene this permitting!

Antony Bradford said...

Cheers RB. I'm now working hard on my fitness for some autumn racing.

Good luck with your running and it's great to read the blogs again.