Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Still here and still running.

It's nearly a year since my last post so I really think I should get back and update the blog.

I have still kept running and racing but after a good patch about two years ago things have being difficult running wise. Well over the hour for 10 miles and up to 37 minutes for 10k at the Abbey Dash. I still keep going because I feel the benefits of running are worth the effort for me and I don't wan't to get to the point of no return - where you feel there would be too much to do to achieve the fitness level you want. It also means that I don't have to refuse that extra slice of cake! It is a routine that I don't want to break but there are always loads of reasons to stay back in the warm house.

Often described as the most difficult of sports at competitive level. I think most serious runners would agree that running fitness can be very undulating to say the least. The saying that hard work always pays off sometimes doesn't hold true with this sport. Too much hard work in the form of training and your running fitness can break down and you are back to where you started - or worse.

I have so far completed 3 of the 4 cross countrys this season. This should come through as improved fitness for some 10k road races later on and I already feel stronger from these. Also I have bagged a few 10 milers, with the Guy Fawkes at Ripley and the Harewood 10 miles, done in approximately 1hr and 5 minutes.

So that is all for now. If I don't get back to the blog happy running and all the best for Christmas and the New Year.


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